Disk-O now has support for the world's most popular cloud services

18 April 2018
As many may have heard, back at the end of last year Mail.Ru Group released Disk-O service, which is positioned as a "killer" of hard drives, allowing the use of cloud storage instead. Finally, the developers released an update, in which they added support for more "clouds. Recall that Disk-O allows the use of cloud storage as a semblance of hard drives. A user can connect several cloud accounts to the program and thus get instant access to all information stored on them. At the same time, files will not take up space in the computer memory.A recent update brought support for all major cloud services in the world to Disk-O. Now, in addition to Mail.Ru Cloud and Yandex.Disk, the program allows users to use Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. In addition, the user has the ability to connect up to 20 disks. In addition, it is reported about an increase in speed and stability of the program, as well as the introduction of the ability to add disks via WebDAV protocol. Everyone can try the innovations. To do this, simply install the Disk-O program on your computer.