A robot companion for cats - Ebo

16 December 2019

Sometimes cats want to play. Alas, owners do not always have time. How to entertain your pet? Consider the robot Ebo. It is designed especially for such cases.

Ebo is the perfect companion for four-legged pets. The authors of the project have raised funds for mass production. Said site Kickstarter provided the funds. Over $380,000 of the requested $5,000 has been received.

What can Ebo do? It moves around the room, shines a laser pointer, makes sounds and more. The trajectories are unpredictable. No cat can resist it.

The product keeps the animal in tone. In addition, you can watch your pet. The novelty has a built-in camera with Full HD resolution. It allows you to make sure that everything is all right.

Image from newatlas.com

Six infrared sensors and an accelerometer help you move around. The Ebo also knows how to charge. It automatically finds a docking station. It takes 120 minutes to recharge.

In standalone mode, the unit functions for 2 hours. Not bad for a 223-gram device. Approximate price is from $159. It will go on sale in a couple of weeks.