Experts: iPhone 11 will be unusual

20 February 2019

There is a version that iPhone 11 will be unusual and stand out among other models. It's all about the unusual design solution.

Fans of "Apple" technology will definitely notice the changes. In this case, not only the visual component will be updated. The smartphone will change even to the touch.

According to some reports, in the future the body of the device will become more pleasant, will not slip in the hands. iPhone 11 will get a new less marky coating.

iPhone 11 будет необычным

Experts say that before this innovation was used in the smartphone Pixel 3 from Google. However, in it only part of the gadget was glass, while Apple decided to do so the entire body.

According to experts, the disadvantage will only be the fact that perhaps the panel will appear scratches or scuffs. This means that the device will need to be treated with a little more care.