Experts: A virus "eating up" Internet traffic is in hundreds of apps

25 February 2019

According to workers at Moat, an Oracle company, the virus stealthily wastes Internet traffic from the user. It is called DrainerBot.

Experts say that the malicious code is contained in some mobile applications. It runs hidden ads on gadgets, reportedly mostly videos.

If the virus is on the smartphone, due to the activated programs, it can "eat" a large amount of traffic - up to about 10 gigabytes in a month. The phone discharges quickly, even if the application with the virus is not activated.


Experts noted that users, first of all, should be wary of the rapid discharge of the battery and also the heating of the gadget when using it.

As noted in the report, cybercriminals use such viruses to fake views and to fake statistics. They get a lot of money for a large number of ad views.