Electric supercar "Natalie" is fueled with methanol

23 March 2020

Last year, Gumpert Aiways showed an unusual supercar. It is called Nathalie (which does not need translation). The novelty is equipped with an amazing power plant.

Image from electrive.com

The fact is that the Nathalie is an electric car. It has a 400 kW engine to match. However, it is powered by fuel cells. Methanol fuel cells.

The said allows keeping the environmental friendliness. The mentioned substance is practically not dangerous (for environment). The characteristics of the car are not affected either. On the contrary - the "Natalie" shows excellent results.

Picture from electrive.com

As for power, it is equal to 536 horsepower. The range is 820 kilometers. Filling takes 3 minutes (with a 65-liter tank). Support of "recharging" on the move - thanks to recuperation is declared.

"Natalie" takes 2.5 seconds to accelerate to 100 km/h. The speed ceiling reaches 300 km/h. Don't you agree, not bad? Moreover, the construction is made of composite materials. Due to them the weight of the car is reduced.

Photo from electrive.com

Also Gumpert Aiways promises to organize methanol delivery services. They will be placed in all major cities. This will give the opportunity not to be afraid of being without "fuel".

Sales of the "Natalie" will start in the second half of 2021. Approximate price - from 400 thousand euros.