Eurocom offers a laptop with 16 TB of memory

01 March 2020

Portable PCs tend to have modest drives. I mean their capacity. Some are satisfied with a 128 GB SSD. The 1TB models are a gift.

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Need 3TB or more? That's where it gets tricky. Not every desktop computer has that much. Even the Mac Pro has limits. It can hold SSDs up to 8TB.

Eurocom has decided to outdo Apple. Its new laptop is called the Nightsky RX15. The top version is happy with 16 TB of space. Enough to store anything.

It's all about the configuration. The Nightsky RX15 is equipped with an 8TB Micron 5100 Enterprise 2.5-inch SSD. Another 8 TB is added by 2 M.2 modules (no model details).

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The pleasure is not cheap. The basic Nightsky RX15 costs $1900. The 16TB version will cost $8000 more. Not everyone can afford it (but those who need it will pay).

What else is interesting about this Eurocom product? The machine as a whole is great. The screen diagonal is 15 inches, the resolution is 4K UHD. The matrix is of OLED type. Agree, the display is impressive.

The maximum amount of RAM is 64 GB. For performance is responsible processor Intel Core i7-9750H. If you want - it is changed to Intel Core i9-9980HK.

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With graphics gas pedals is a similar story. The user's choice is GeForce GTX 1660 Ti and GeForce RTX 2070. Enough for games and work. The listed bonuses do not end there.

Nightsky RX15 can be equipped with a fingerprint scanner, TMP, optical drive, backlit keyboard and Thunderbolt 3 port. Everything is assembled "for you".