Facebook Messenger will help to schedule personal meetings with friends

08 September 2017
Facebook has prepared another surprise for users of its messenger. The thing is that Messenger will soon offer to meet with friends in person, instead of communicating on the Internet.The innovation will work in the following way. With the help of artificial intelligence, Messenger will analyze the list of contacts and will select those with whom the user is most likely to want to meet. Then, Messenger will offer to arrange a meeting. Of course, the user can agree or refuse, and the interlocutors will not be notified about negative responses. In many ways, the new feature is very similar to a similar one from Tinder. Popular messengers in recent times often adopt features from each other or from other services. Nevertheless, copying functions from the dating service causes justified bewilderment in many people. It is worth adding that the new feature has so far been noticed only by users from Canada. It seems that its spread to the rest of the world may take some time. Whether Facebook Messenger's appointment feature will prove really useful, we'll find out only later.