Facebook denied accusations of spying on users

27 March 2018
Not so long ago, the Ars Technica resource published information that Facebook has been spying on users for a long time and collecting information about all their calls and SMS. Finally, the representatives of the social network issued a denial, which, however, will not please everyone.First of all, Facebook denied the fact of secret data collection. However the representatives of the company noted that information about calls and SMS is indeed collected, but only with user's permission. It seems that nobody will agree to provide such data voluntarily. However, everything is much simpler. The Android versions of Messenger or Messenger Lite ask for the user's permission to download information about contacts, call history and SMS messages when logging in for the first time to improve the recommendation system. Many people habitually give their consent to everything without looking, so that they can quickly start communicating with their loved ones. Facebook representatives assure that the company does not collect the content of messages or calls and does not sell the collected data. Interestingly, only Android users can voluntarily provide the aforementioned information to improve the recommendation system, because such functionality is prohibited on iOS.