Facebook launches its own YouTube competitor

11 August 2017
Lately, Facebook has already shut down a number of its mobile apps - Groups for managing groups and Lifestage for teenagers. However, it turns out that along with the abandonment of the old, the social network offers something new. This time, we're talking about a video service called Watch.This new Facebook platform is expected to become a serious competitor to YouTube and Netflix. Initially, Watch will offer over a dozen programs, including shows from cooking channel Tastemade, Discovery Channel, traveler Nuseir Yassin, and a number of others. In the future, users will be able to launch their own video projects and even add ads to them to generate revenue. Of course, Facebook will take a big part of it - namely, 45%. It's worth adding that Watch will recommend to the user the most popular shows or videos that their friends are watching. Also, the service will allow subscribing to your favorite pages to get notifications about the release of new videos. Only users from the U.S. can try out the new service in practice, if they have the Facebook application on their computer, mobile gadget or TV. In other countries, Watch will launch later.