Google built a microphone into Nest's security system and didn't tell users

21 February 2019

The giant company built a microphone into the security system. However, it was not mentioned in the documentation.

The microphone is installed in the control panel of the Nest Secure security system. A Google spokesperson said in an interview that a microphone in security systems has never been something secret. He said that this should be mentioned in the technical documentation, but there was no such information. It is noted that the microphone could have been forgotten about.

Google встроил микрофон в систему безопасности и не сообщил об этом пользователям

The home page of Nest Secure does not say a word about the built-in microphone. When users noticed this fact, the item did appear. As for the microphone, it says that it is activated by the user.

Officially, Google said that the microphone will provide users with additional functions in the future.