Google released Android Q beta 2 with an interesting feature for Pixel

04 April 2019

Google has released Android Q beta 2 with one interesting feature. It is called Bubbles and reminds one of the features of Facebook Messenger.

You can try to update to Android beta 2 now, if you are a lucky owner of Google Pixel.

Google выпустила Android beta Q 2 с интересной функцией для Pixel

An intriguing feature of the update is the bubble chat. As told by the company, this is a new multitasking option. It's also announced that Android Q beta 2 has improved the sharing menu.

Bubbles is similar to Facebook Messenger. The principle of the messenger is simple: when a message arrives, an icon appears on the screen with a photo of the contact. If you click on it, a small chat window will open.

There may be several such icons on the screen, depending on the number of incoming messages. At the same time navigation between chats in Bubbles is quite convenient. You can also switch from chatting to watching videos, some other content or do your own thing.

As the developers of Google say, the code of Bubbles is embedded directly in the system.