Google will warn about possible flight delays

01 February 2018
I'm sure many people have heard of the Google.Airfare service. It has already helped many users to quickly find and purchase tickets for the most suitable flights, and now, thanks to the introduction of a new function, it has become even more useful.The fact is that the developers have implemented in Google.Flights the function of forecasting possible flight delays with the help of machine learning. To do this, the service analyzes information about past departures of this or that flight and existing deviations from the schedule. According to the developers, this allows Google.Flights to predict flight delays before the airline becomes aware of them. The innovation does not require the user to perform any additional actions. Information about flight delays will be automatically displayed right in the ticket search results. Of course, forecasts cannot always be completely accurate. Therefore, the service alerts about flight delays only if the probability of a deviation from the schedule is more than 80%. In addition, Google recommends to arrive at the airport on time, without relying on the warnings of the service. Unfortunately, the new feature is only available for American, Delta and United Airlines customers. Perhaps soon the list of airlines will be expanded.