Group video calls in "Odnoklassniki" will accommodate up to 100 interlocutors

15 August 2018
The team of "Odnoklassniki" social network announced another innovation. Now the social network allows making voice and video calls in groups of up to 100 people.It is reported that the function of group calls is made by dual adaptive technology. To start a conversation, users call directly using a P2P connection, after which they can add new participants to the conversation. As the number of participants increases, the neural network evaluates many parameters, including call quality, channel load and user devices, and, if necessary, routes the call through the server. Of course, video of all 100 participants in a conversation cannot fit on the screen simultaneously. Therefore, with a large number of interlocutors, all inactive users will be present in a voice call. For them, the video transmission will be activated only when they start talking. For all others, video streams will be distributed depending on activity. The best quality video will be transmitted from the person who is currently speaking, from the previous speaker - the video quality will be a bit lower, and so on. The innovation is available both in web version of Odnoklassniki social network, and in official applications for Android and iOS. In these video calls virtual reality masks will be available to users. The web version of the social network and Android devices will also feature a screen demo. A little later, after integration with chats, conference participants will be able to share files, photos and videos.