Gucci and Snap introduced augmented reality glasses

07 December 2019

Think technology is far removed from fashion and art? The Spectacles x Gucci by Harmony Korine glasses disprove that. The gadget was developed by the specialists of Snap and Gucci. Harmony Korine, the famous director, was also involved in the creation.

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Spectacles x Gucci allows you to join the augmented reality. The device is designed based on the Spectacles 3. Corin was responsible for the design, the device is designed in the style of his film "Duck Duck".

By the way, the film is very unusual. "Duck Duck" was totally filmed on Spectacles 3 (only the 3D effects were added later). Spectacles x Gucci by Harmony Korine allow you to fully immerse yourself in the picture.

Unfortunately, the product is a limited edition. Only 50 models were produced - for the Miami Art Fair. The event was dedicated to Korine's collaboration with Snap and Gucci.

TheSpectacles x Gucci by Harmony Korine is based on a dual camera. There is no information about the specs. However, it is doubtful that the novelty is different from Spectacles 3.

The lenses of Spectacles 3 are happy with HD resolution. The frame is made of stainless steel. Alas, there is no protection against moisture. Recharging is done through a proprietary case.

The Spectacles 3 costs $380. The price of the Spectacles x Gucci by Harmony Korine is being withheld. Obviously not too cheap.