Huawei unveiled a new generation of mobile batteries

11 October 2018
Huawei specialists presented another innovation. This time, we are talking about batteries for next-generation mobile devices.The novelty is the industry's first patented lithium-silicon battery. According to representatives of the company, the new technology will not only increase the charging speed of gadgets, but also make the batteries safer. By the way, to implement the process of rapid charging, the novelty will require less voltage than its predecessors. In addition, according to Huawei, silicon anodes have more power, compared with graphite, which will contribute to increasing the capacity and durability of the new generation of batteries. Unfortunately, there is no information about when we can expect the introduction of new technology in commercial products and whether we should hope for their entry into the market in general. But since the patent has already been granted, there is still a chance that the new batteries will be used in future Huawei smartphones.