Instagram stories can now be searched by hashtags and geotags

24 May 2017
Many Instagram users must have noticed that often the most interesting or important stories got lost in a huge list. The developers of the social network have found a way to fix this situation and introduced a search function in their creation by the relevant section.In the official blog of the service there is information about the launch of the search by hashtags and geotags. This means that if the author used a special sticker with geo data, his story can be easily found from anywhere in the world by simply entering the appropriate search query. Besides, such stories will be displayed first in the list for all users located near the specified location.Another new feature is the possibility to use hashtag stickers. You can find them in the same way as described above. By the way, all self-destructing photos or videos marked with hashtags or geotags will be played in a row in the same way as publications of one user. Anyone can try these innovations in practice. To do this, you need to install the Instagram app version 10.22 on your gadget.