The iconic Commodore 64 computer is back on the market

09 December 2019

A real treat for Commodore 64 fans. Soon you will be able to buy the THEC64 , an updated version of the PC. It's a full-size version of the classic PC. Everything as it used to be.

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The original Commodore 64 came out in 1982. For ten years it was a popular home platform. THEC64 will help to remember the good old days.

THEC64 was created thanks to user funding. The money for the production was raised on the Indiegogo site. The device follows the design of the Commodore 64 as much as possible.

"The hardware is modern. It allows you to work in three modes: Games Carousel, VIC-20 Basic and C64 Basic. The image is displayed in HD resolution (720p).

Games are played at 60 Hz and 50 Hz. 64 hits are already recorded on the device. "Out of the box" Hover Bovver, Planet of Death, California Games, Galencia, Paradroid, Gridrunner, Boulder Dash, Iridis Alpha and Attack of the Mutant Camels are available.

Little? The THEC64 is equipped with a USB port. It is used to load your programs. You won't have to worry about the music. The novelty sounds like a Commodore 64 - the differences are minimal.

Pre-orders are being taken for £110 (about $144). The approximate release date is December 12.