Libratone bird - a portable speaker with an original design

24 February 2020

Tired of one-size-fits-all Bluetooth speakers? Looking for something out of the ordinary? Check out the latest from Libratone. Libratone just released the Libratone bird.

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The device was created in honor of Libratone's anniversary. The manufacturer turned 10 years old. The design of the gadget is appropriate. Libratone bird looks like the bird from the brand logo.

The product is tiny. It weighs 145 grams. However, the device can do a lot. Battery life on a single charge is 10 hours. You can take it where there is no outlet nearby.

The power is equal to 6 watts. Want more? Just combine two speakers. Libratone bird synchronize with each other. The base deserves special praise. It's magnetic - just clip to any metal surface.

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Bluetooth 5.0 is responsible for the connection to the signal source. By the way, there is a mobile companion app. iOS and Android smartphones are supported.

Controls are fun. It is placed on the tail of the Libratone bird. Adjustments are also made by touching the head. In some cases, it has to be rotated.

Among other things, it is possible to call the voice assistant. Speakerphone is available. The price for the wonder of technology is £59 (approximately 4,800 rubles).