Mail.Ru Group discontinued support for its own browser

01 August 2018
The very mention of the Amigo browser evokes few positive emotions. This is not surprising, because the program had a habit of appearing on users' computers unexpectedly and uninvited, and in order to get rid of the intruder, you often had to seek help from specialists. It seems that the problems with this product can finally be forgotten, because the Mail.Ru Group company decided to stop the development and promotion of the browser.Mail.Ru Group representatives admit that serious mistakes were made while promoting Amigo, due to which "its reputation can no longer be restored". In particular, it is noted in the official statement of the company that advertising networks were involved as partners, some of which turned out to be unscrupulous and used grey schemes for the distribution of the browser, contrary to the rules specified in the contract. This, in turn, caused a negative attitude toward the product and forced Mail.Ru Group to abandon the further development of the Amigo brand. Those who liked Amigo can continue using the browser. However, they will have to forget about any support from the developer or the release of security updates, as well as the implementation of new features. It is worth adding that this does not mean that Mail.Ru Group is abandoning the idea of creating its own browser. Thus, a new experimental product "Go!" is already at the testing stage. We can only hope that the company will take into account past failures and the new browser will not follow in the footsteps of Amigo.