Amazon's MIDI keyboard composes its own music

04 December 2019

What progress has come to. Amazon has introduced a revolutionary new device. The device is called AWS DeepComposer and is a MIDI keyboard. What's so special about it?

An image from the AWS DeepComposer website.

AWS DeepComposer works in conjunction with generative artificial intelligence. The latter resides in Amazon's cloud and specializes in music.

What does this look like in practice? On AWS DeepComposer, a simple tune is played. It is sent to Amazon Web Services and analyzed. Eventually, the AI sends a finished arrangement - with bass, drums, and so on.

Said makes it easy to create tracks. You can get a finished demo in minutes. Genre is almost irrelevant. Amazon's AI easily imitates classical, pop, jazz and rock.

The composition - if desired - is exported as a MIDI file. It can be easily opened in any music editor. Plus, you can upload your song to SoundCloud.

The price tag for AWS DeepComposer is $99.99. Alas, the start date of sales is being withheld. Amazon promises soon. Would you buy one of these things? Write in the comments.