MIG S6 - Russian unbreakable smartphone

17 January 2020

Protected phones are not the only foreign brands. The Russian Mobile Inform Group has also distinguished itself. It is reported that the company has introduced a curious new product.

Image from m-infogroup.ru

The device is called the MIG S6 and it is hard to break. The model is designed for use in difficult conditions. For example, in mining and industrial enterprises.

If you believe the creators, the gadget is not afraid of falls. Height up to 1.2 meters - no problem. The device will not break, falling out of the hands. In addition, this product is not afraid of dust and water.

The housing of the MIG S6 complies with IP67. The corners are protected from damage by special pads. The battery capacity of 5000 mAh should be noted separately. It guarantees up to 20 hours of battery life (under full load).

Image from the site m-infogroup.ru

Among other things, the battery is frost-resistant. In subzero temperatures, the device functions without failure. Another feature of the MIG S6 is the Pogo-pin connector. The latter allows you to connect fingerprint, RFID and barcode scanners.

As for performance, the characteristics are modest. At the core are Snapdragon 450 and Snapdragon 632 processors (depending on configuration). Not the most productive chips Qualcomm.

RAM on board is 4 GB. The screen diagonal is 6 inches, the resolution is 1440 by 720 pixels. The display has an anti-reflective coating.

Image from m-infogroup.ru

Flash modules range from 64GB to 128GB (your choice). USB Type-C, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac are also available. There are two cameras - a 13 MP rear and a 5 MP front.

"Out of the box" MIG S6 offers the operating system Android 9 Pie. An update to Android 10 is expected in the near future. A curious point: support for domestic Astra Linux is declared.

The price of the basic version is 69,419 rubles. More equipped variants are more expensive. Orders are accepted at the Mobile Inform Group website.