MSI Optix G242 - Monitor for eSportsmen

27 December 2020

Decided to devote yourself to cybersports? Then forget the ordinary monitors. You need a special one, designed specifically for pro-gamers. Fortunately, there are many such models on the market. From the latest models MSI Optix G242 is the eye-catcher.

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The screen diagonal is 23.8 inches. The developers did not skimp on the IPS matrix with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels (Full HD format). Particularly pleasing is the response time - 1 ms. No strokes and blurred motion.

Viewing angles are decent - 178 degrees. You are also guaranteed a smooth picture - thanks to the high refresh rate. 144 Hz is no joke. Regular displays give out no more than 60 Hz.

There will be no tearing either. That said, NVIDIA's G-Sync technology provides this. Plus MSI has built in several systems that reduce eye strain. We're talking about Less Blue Light and Anti-Flicker. These tools will reduce the risk of eye damage.

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Contrast is 1,000:1 (dynamic is 100,000,000:1). In addition, you can hope for a brightness of 250 cd/m2. The sRGB color space coverage is 127.7%. As for DCI-P3, the indicator reaches 94.6%.

How are the ports? There is a standard audio output, two HDMI 1.4 interfaces and one DisplayPort 1.2a connector. Unfortunately, it was not without disadvantages. The stand is not the best. With its help you can only regulate the inclination (and even then only within 25 degrees).

Another nuance is the price. How much will MSI Optix G242 go on sale for? Neither is the date when it will appear on store shelves. Stay tuned.