The familiar Google Drive client for Windows and Mac will be replaced by "Backup and Sync

15 June 2017
Good news for users of Google Drive. The fact is that the usual cloud storage client for Windows and Mac will be replaced by a new, more functional product by the end of the month.The new program will be called "Backup and Sync". Recall that its release became known back in March. Back then, Google representatives released an unfinished version of the program, which, of course, was impossible to use. Now we know that "Backup and Sync" will completely replace the desktop version of Google Drive until the end of the month. We must add that the inconvenience to users caused by the transition to a new program will be reduced to a minimum. First of all, this will contribute to the function of synchronizing all the settings Drive with "Backup and Sync", which will allow you to get back to work on the fly, without changing your habits. In addition, the service will get integration with Google Photos, which will make it even easier to upload photos to the cloud storage. The official Google blog reported that the program "Backup and Sync" will be available for download on June 28.