Huawei introduced a smart thermos

17 March 2020

Many people know Huawei as a smartphone manufacturer. However, the company has dozens of different devices in its arsenal. There are even quite amusing ones. For example, the Huawei Smart Insulation Cup.

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The gadget is essentially a full-fledged thermos. The temperature of the liquid in it is preserved for 24 hours. It achieves this thanks to a special case. It is three-layered (with a stainless steel base).

What is great: the gadget itself is not heated. You can hold it without the risk of getting burnt. However, the main trick of Huawei Smart Insulation Cup is something else. The lid is equipped with a built-in screen.

The display shows temperature and water purity (plus other data). Synchronization with phones via Bluetooth 5.0 is claimed. Information is sent to the Smart Life companion mobile app.

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Smart Life helps avoid dehydration. The app reminds you what to drink. That being said, for some, it's a real problem.

The Huawei Smart Insulation Cup is not afraid of moisture. The novelty is protected according to IPx7 standard. There is no need to worry about the electronics. The battery charge lasts for 30 days of operation.

Unfortunately, there were some disadvantages. Huawei did not indicate the volume (it looks less than a liter). But pleases the price. They are asking only $18 for the product. Everyone can afford it.