Non-boring digest: this week's most interesting news

20 April 2019

Freesoft's editorial staff has compiled a digest of this week's most interesting and important news. Today we talk about the patent dispute between Apple and Qualcomm, the possible removal of Mark Zuckerberg as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Facebook, and the fact that the FAS has opened a case against Headhunter and Superjob.

Apple and Qualcomm
were able to settle a patent dispute that had been going on for two years. The companies signed a license agreement for six years, which began on April 1.

Now Qualcomm will again supply chips for Apple devices, while in Cupertino will pay Qualcomm the amount necessary to resolve the conflict. The amount of the payment remains unknown.

After the companies announced their decision, Qualcomm shares soared by 20%, thus the market capitalization of the company increased to $85 billion.

This week, a group of Facebook shareholders proposed removing Mark Zuckerberg as chairman of the board and changing the company's structure. They also want to limit Zuckerberg's voting rights.

Shareholders want to table 12 proposals that address changes to Facebook. The key one is an amendment to the charter of the company, which suggests the appointment of an independent chairman of the board.

Now the head of Facebook is accused that his company has made some big mistakes, including the transfer of user data from the social network to Cambridge Analytica, data exchange with Huawei, spread of fake news and so on.

The FAS filed a case against several job search services - HeadHunter, Superjob and On its website the organization said that the major industry players are preventing developers of automated recruitment tools from entering the market.

The antitrust agency conducted an audit and found that one of the services was blocking accounts that used third-party staffing tools. Internal rules, which prohibit the operation of such tools, turned out to be the case with all three players. According to FAS representatives,, Superjob and dominate the market and restrict the work of developers of third-party extensions with such conditions.

This whole story began when developers of resume services last week accused HeadHunter of unfair competition. Representatives of Huntflow, FriendWork and Potok reported that the portal blocks users who use such extensions.