Non-boring digest: the most interesting news of the week

06 April 2019

Freesoft's editorial staff has put together a digest of this week's most interesting and important news. Today we will talk about the launch of 5G in South Korea, robot harvesters in New Zealand, and what skill developers have become the fastest growing.

South Korea launched the world's first 5G network

South Korea became the first country in the world to commercially launch a 5G network.

The services of the latest mobile communications began providing citizens of the country on April 4. SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus are among the pioneers. The Ministry of Science and Information and Communications Technology of South Korea said that the launch of 5G was originally scheduled for March, but the terms were shifted due to delays in the supply of gadgets that support this technology.

So far, only users in metropolitan areas can enjoy powerful mobile Internet, but by the end of 2019, 5G will spread to almost the entire territory of South Korea.

Robots will pick apples in New Zealand

In New Zealand, robots will start picking apples in the orchards of T&G Global. About this writes TechCrunch.

CEO of the company Abundant Dan Steere explained that the development of robot-apple picker required the parallel solution of a number of complex technical problems: from visual identification of fruits and physical manipulation of them to collect without damage to the safe movement through the orchard.

The company had previously tested its technology on a smaller scale, while the T&G deal was the first commercial application of Abundant's robots, and the company has raised $12 million to date for its projects.

The fastest-growing skill set among developers was Flutter

LinkedIn conducted its own research identifying the fastest-growing skill among developers. It was Flutter, a solution for developing cross-platform mobile applications. The approach that Flutter uses to design interfaces is similar to that used in web applications.

Among others, the top five were Android Design, JS, Continuous Integration and Development, and Angular Material.