Niantic is working on an anime series based on the game Ingress

09 July 2018
Many of you may have heard of Niantic's mobile game Ingress, which saw the light of day in 2012. Despite the fact that some have preferred the next development of the company - Pokemon Go, the game still brings together a considerable number of players from around the world. Moreover, last year Niantic representatives announced their intention to release a major update for the game - Ingress Prime. Now there is information about another novelty, through which the company plans to draw attention to his creation.We are talking about the fact that Niantic, in collaboration with Netflix, Fuij TV and Crafter, will release a full anime series called Ingress: The Animation. It is reported, that it will be a prequel to Ingress Prime, but it will be released simultaneously with the updated game: in October of this year. We already know some details about the anime series. Thus, the director is Yohei Sakuragi, and the character designer is Takeshi Honda, the anime Evangelion production designer. In addition, some information about the plot of Ingress: The Animation has already been published. The action takes place in the world of the game Ingress, in which mysterious matter seeps into our world through portals. The main characters of the anime, Makoto and Sara, will be drawn into a battle between the Enlightened, who want to possess the new power, and the Resistance, whose members see matter as a threat and want to protect all humanity from it. As for the game, Ingress Prime should inherit many of the developments tried and tested in Pokemon Go. This will help achieve an even simpler and more convenient gameplay experience. It is expected that the simultaneous launch of an updated game and an anime series based on it will help both projects achieve greater popularity. Time will tell if these plans will come true.