The Windows 10 May Update is now available to install. What has changed?

23 May 2019

You can already install the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (otherwise known as 1903, 19H1) on your computer. What has changed? Additional features have been introduced, and shortcomings of the previous version have been corrected. So, let's take a look.

Microsoft has been testing this update for a long time before releasing it for use. The previous update had a lot of problems. This time all the bugs are fixed, there are small changes and new features.

The update will be lighter and more monochrome, with no dark parts. Changes have also affected the standard wallpaper, now matching the new theme. The start panel is now transparent, as is the notification center menu.

Version 1903 gets the Windows Sandbox feature. This is essentially an isolated environment designed to protect users from the fear of running an unknown .exe file. Since not all users need it, but rather only advanced and experienced users, there is no such feature in the standard set. It is installed independently through the control panel.

Microsoft will allow users to remove more conditionally free applications that are part of the operating system. In the May update, it will be possible to disable Groove Music, Mail, Calendar, Movies & TV, Calculator, Paint 3D and 3D Viewer.

Обновление Windows 10 May Update уже можно установить

Cortana and search now handle queries separately. This means that built-in search handles text queries and Cortana handles voice queries.

Search has also been updated. It can now give you popular apps, recent actions, and options to filter by app, document, and email - that is, all the files on your PC.

Fewer files are now pinned to Start. Everything that is pinned by default is grouped into one section. It can be unattached without much effort.

Adjusting screen brightness in the May update is as quick as possible because of the new slider. You can find it in the notification center. It replaced the tile with which you could switch through the standard levels of brightness of the screen.

Обновление Windows 10 May Update уже можно скачать

The emoji panel now has kaomoji with simplified sending. It is enough to call the panel ("win" + "." or "win" + ";") and collect your own emoticon from the characters present there.

Users who have installed the new Windows 10 will be able to postpone installing updates for a week. The edit was made based on user preferences. Microsoft has allowed users to choose when to install the latest major version. At the same time, users will not be able to change the current build, but simply receive monthly security updates.

The change is significant, in particular, it applies to those using Windows 10 Home, because major OS updates are not always stable enough. It's worth noting that the OS updates Windows couldn't install due to lack of free space. Now the system reserves about 7 GB of disk space dedicated to updates.

It is possible to log into the "account" in the "ten" without a password. To do this, enter your phone number as your username. A code will be sent there to sign in. You can then use Windows Hello or a PIN code to log in to your PC without using the usual password.