The updated Viber 10 messenger has become even safer

05 February 2019

Viber developers have prepared a pleasant surprise for users. The messenger has received another update, which brought a number of different improvements.

First of all, it is worth noting the transition to a new, more pleasant and clear interface. However, this only applies to the mobile version of the program. In Viber 10, which is the name of the new version of the messenger, all personal and group chats, communities and bots are located in the main list of conversations, which makes accessing them even more convenient. At the same time, Viber Out call management and the list of recent calls are now located in the same tab as the list of contacts.

Among the pleasant innovations is the ability to connect new contacts to voice calls in real time. You can talk to up to 5 users at the same time. For the moment this feature is available only for voice calls, but soon the developers promise to add a similar innovation in video calls, and in the future they are planning to increase the maximum number of contacts.

The issue of security was not ignored. According to the company, Viber 10 has received a full end-to-end encryption for all types of messages, and also got another interesting feature. We are talking about the ability to communicate in chats with hidden numbers. This means that users can chat without revealing their phone number. This should help to protect their personal data from fraudsters.

It is worth adding that users of Android and iOS mobile devices will be able to download the updated Viber 10 in the coming days.