Making video calls via Google Duo on Android gadgets will become even easier

13 October 2017
Google developers have again improved their product Duo. Previously, the program did not arouse much interest among users. The reason for that was the presence of functions of video calls in other, more popular services. But the last innovation can make the choice of Google Duo more obvious.The thing is that now it becomes even easier to make video calls in Google Duo. This is made possible by the improved integration of video chat with the standard applications for accessing contacts, as well as sending messages and making calls. Thus, a special button will appear in the above-mentioned applications to quickly start a video chat with the selected user. Of course, for this both interlocutors need to install Google Duo on their gadgets. It is reported that the distribution of the relevant update has already started. The first owners of Pixel and Pixel 2 smartphones, as well as Android One and Nexus devices will be the first to get it. The rest of the new features will be available a little later.