"Yarovaya Package" came into force in Russia

02 July 2018
Since July 1, 2018 in Russia the notorious "Yarovaya Package", containing a number of amendments to the laws, designed to improve counter-terrorism. It obliges telecom operators to store user conversations for six months, and text messages transmitted via the Internet - for 30 days. We should remind that the package of amendments to the laws, named after one of the authors - Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya, was signed by the President two years ago. Nevertheless, earlier it was decided to postpone its enactment, as the communication operators stated their inability to prepare in time to meet the new requirements of the laws. It is reported that employees of the FSB, the Interior Ministry, the SSO and other law enforcement agencies, which are engaged in operational and investigative activities, will be able to access the stored data of users. In this case, telecom operators are obliged to respond to the request for relevant information within 15 days.