PlayStation 5: specifications and release date

10 March 2020

The next generation of gaming consoles is not far off. For example, it became known about the debut of the PlayStation 5 this year. Sony will announce the device in the coming months.

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What can gamers hope for? The characteristics of the console will not disappoint. Insiders have revealed the main features of the product. PlayStation 5 is seriously different from its predecessor.

"The heart" of the novelty is an 8-core AMD Zen 2 processor running at 3.4 GHz. By the release, its performance may increase to 3.7 GHz. Sony engineers are fine-tuning the chip.

The graphics are powerful. We are talking about a gas pedal with AMD RDNA 2 architecture. Leaks indicate the presence of 60 processing units. The 1.7 GHz chip guarantees performance up to 13.3 teraflops. Support for ray tracing is also claimed. The picture in future hits is expected to be stunning.

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GDDR6 video memory on board is 16 GB. The regular RAM is 4 GB (DDR4). For game storage, there's a 1TB SSD. Forget about the brakes when loading and launching. Data transfer speeds of up to 5.5 GB/sec.

In addition, you can count on 3D Audio technology. The latter is responsible for spatial audio. Just imagine the sound quality. Separate mention should be made of the control. The updated controller is called Dual Shock 5 and pleases with feedback.

Another interesting point. PlayStation 5 is compatible with previous PS games. You won't have to get rid of the old library. How is this implemented? There is no information.

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Theestimated price is $499. We'll know if the information is correct by the end of 2020.