Support for older versions of Skype ends today

01 March 2017

As previously reported, outdated versions of Skype will be impossible to use from March 1 of this year. The specified day has come and now everyone who has not had time to update the program or get a suitable device for this, will have to look for other ways to communicate with loved ones.

Recall that the end of support for old platforms and outdated devices due to the refusal of the usual P2P-model in favor of the cloud infrastructure. First of all, this will affect users of gadgets running Windows Phone, because on all mobile platforms from Microsoft, with the exception of 10 mobile with the Anniversary Update installed, Skype is no longer available. Things are a little better on other mobile OSs. So, to continue to use the familiar program to communicate with friends and family will be able to owners of gadgets on Android Jellybean and newer, as well as on iOS from 8.

Of course, the owners of computers will also have to think about updating. Versions of Skype below 7.16 for Windows and 7.18 for macOS are also no longer workable today. Therefore, those who are not sure that they use the current version of the program, it is recommended to install the update. If this is not possible for one reason or another, it may be advisable to try Skype analogues, such as ooVoo, Google Duo, or other messengers that support video communication.