Cows from near Moscow were sent to virtual reality

26 November 2019

VR-helmets are not only suitable for games. As it turned out, they are suitable for agriculture. This was announced by the relevant ministry of the Moscow region.

Image from the website

A story on the verge of fiction. Cows from one of the local farms received VR headsets. Why? For immersion in virtual reality. The animals were broadcasted a simulation of a summer field.

Sounds like fun. But in reality, it's a serious experiment. VR-image reduces anxiety and increases the quality of milk produced.

Emotion also has an effect on the quantity of the product. A fact confirmed by scientists at Scotland's Rural College and the Dutch Wageningen University.

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What kind of VR glasses were used? Moscow Region has developed its own prototype. Its main "chip" is that it is perfectly adapted for the cow's head.

Modifications were also made to the simulation. For example, the peculiarities of eyesight of cattle were taken into account. The latter perceives blue and green colors poorly. Red shades are better.

What is happening is just a test. It is carried out on a small scale. However, if successful, the project will become nationwide. So much for domestic cyberpunk.