Polly - inexpensive smart watches for kids

24 January 2020

Gadgets are not just for adults. What can the market offer to young users? A curious new product has arrived on the Russian market. We are talking about the Polly watch from the company Canyon.

Image from thetimeshub.in

This is a smart device for children (preschool and primary school age). They are worn on the wrist - so it is more difficult to lose them. Available in 3 colors - blue, black and pink.

Polly is designed to be a lifesaver in case of emergency. The body has a special SOS button. It sends the parents of the child a signal for help. Also the device tracks the location.

The positioning system is triple - LBS, GPS and Wi-Fi. Special mention should be made of the protection against water. IP68 certification allows the product to be submerged to a depth of one meter.

Image from canyon.ru

In addition, the Polly has a SIM card slot. The above gives the possibility of operational communication. To display information is a color touch screen. Its resolution is 240 by 240 pixels.

The interface is simple and understandable to everyone. Among other things, supported configuration via smartphone. It is enough to install the branded companion app Canyon Life.

A nice touch is the price. Polly costs only 3,990 rubles.