Basefolder users will soon be unable to use free cloud storage

27 April 2017
Very soon free cloud storage will be unavailable for all basefolder users. The corresponding notifications were recently sent out by support staff via email.It is reported that this decision was made due to the increase in prices, which caused an increase in the cost of maintaining cloud storages. Because of this, their support will be officially discontinued as early as May 1, 2017. Nevertheless, it will still be possible to use cloud services, but to do so, a paid subscription will have to be arranged. At the same time, there is no information about the rates in the letters sent out: to clarify the cost of subscription, users are invited to contact the support service themselves. Those who want to continue to use basefolder, but do not intend to pay, were offered an alternative option. The matter is that it will be possible to work with the service for free in case of transferring the user data to a home PC or another computer. To do this, you only need to install the official basefolder client and specify the folder where the files will be stored. In other words, start synchronizing files from your PC, instead of the cloud storage. Those who have not yet decided whether to make a paid subscription or not, there is not much time to think about it. On the other hand, there are quite a few free cloud services these days that are worth looking into, such as Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, Dropbox, or SpiderOak, whose level of protection was once noted by Edward Snowden.