Web browser version of uTorrent is available

28 August 2018
The developer of the most popular torrent client, uTorrent, has introduced a new version for web browsers. It is built into the default Windows browser and allows you to search and download torrents directly in it. At the moment the new version has beta status, so do not expect a large number of features. However, it already allows you to search for torrents in Google, add them to the download list and manage it. The new special interface, which runs in the web browser itself, is intuitive and easy to use.The main feature of uTorrent web is the ability to start playing a media file without waiting for it to fully download. This applies to both video and audio files. This is definitely good news for music and movie lovers. There is also a function to check torrents for viruses, but for this you need to install a separate extension.Also keep in mind that during the installation phase of uTorrent web you will be asked to install Yandex.Browser and Opera, do not forget to reject them if you do not want to get a sudden "bonus".