Predator XB253QGP - monitor with response time under 1 ms

26 March 2020

In a coronavirus pandemic, there's not much to go on. It is advisable to avoid crowds of people. The easiest thing to do is to stock up on food and stay home. What to do if you have nothing important to do? The WHO recommends gaming, which is highly recommended.

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To play games (shooters and races in particular) you need a good monitor. With minimal response time. Where can you get one? There are many suitable solutions on the market. One of the newest is the Predator XB253QGP from Acer. The model is literally just introduced.

The main plus of the device is the fantastic response. The indicator is impressive - 0.9 ms GtG. In addition, pleases the refresh rate. 144 Hz is no joke. Given the support for NVIDIA G-SYNC - the picture will be as smooth as possible. Forget about torn images.

You will not have to worry about color rendering. The sRGB coverage is 99% (in any lighting conditions). Automatic contrast adjustment is available. Maximum brightness is 400 nits.

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The Predator XB253QGP offers a 24.5-inch diagonal. The matrix is of the IPS type. The resolution is standard - Full HD. The product will appeal to gamers who prefer 1080p. There are a lot of them.

Acer is not stingy with its eye protection. You can not be afraid of blue light, flicker and other things. The eye-relieving technologies Low-dimming, ComfyView, Blue-light Filter and Flicker-less. The Predator XB253Q and Predator XB253Q come together in an Acer EyeProtect bundle.

The Predator XB253QGP lets you do without speakers. There are two stereo speakers. The power of each is 4 watts. For interactive entertainment and movies is enough.

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There are all the necessary interfaces: four USB 3.0 ports, one DisplayPort and two HDMI. There are no complaints about the design. The monitor looks good thanks to its red accents and thin bezels.

The stand deserves a special mention. The angle of inclination changes within 25 degrees. The height is adjustable by 115 mm. If you want - Predator XB253QGP easily rotates. There is a portrait mode.

Sales in Russia have already started. The approximate price is 29,990 rubles.