A reader the size of a smartphone was introduced

16 December 2019

Tencent is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers. The company decided to surprise the public with another novelty. The device is called Pocket Reader II.

Image from piunikaweb.com

The gadget is unusual. In fact - it is a reader based on electronic paper. However, it is encased in a smart phone. Forget the tablet-like design.

Pocket Reader II pleases with compactness. In addition, it has a long life. The screen is made by E-ink Carta 2 technology. Energy is spent only on refreshing the image.

The diagonal of the display is 5.2 inches, the pixel density is 284 ppi. There is anti-reflective coating and LED backlighting. Levels of brightness adjustment - 36.

Image from piunikaweb.com

There are physical buttons for flipping pages. However, the Pocket Reader II is suitable not only for books. The product allows you to make voice calls.

You can also send SMS. Support for 4G networks is declared. Among other things, there are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules.

Alas, the characteristics are not known. Nothing is said about the resolution. A similar story with the processor. It is reported that the chip with 4 cores Cortex-A53.

Image from anandtech.com

Completing the configuration is a USB Type-C port and a 2000 mAh battery. There is a choice of 4 colors (red, black, white and green). In China, the Pocket Reader II will cost 1,099 yuan - about $158.

Whether the device will appear in other countries is an open question.