A business card with a Linux-based computer is presented

27 December 2019

There are many talented enthusiasts in the world. George Hilliard is one of them. The engineer has created an amazing business card. He deals with embedded systems. The novelty turned out to be appropriate.

Image from slashgear.com

A plain card is boring. So Hilliard complemented it with a miniature computer. The basis was a two-layer printed circuit board. The latter displays contact information .

The invention can be used as a PC. Although it is difficult to call it powerful. The gadget is equipped with a cheap Allwinner F1C100s processor and 8 MB of memory. It is suitable as a tiny "flash drive".

There are no problems with the connection of the product - thanks to USB. There is also 32 MB RAM. The above mentioned guarantees the running of the Linux operating system. We are talking about the kernel version 5.2. In addition, 2 Python interpreters are available.

Image from fossbytes.com

The software loads in 6 seconds. Another important plus is the price. The device cost $2.88 for Hilliard. It is assembled from the most budget friendly components.

It looks pretty cool. Alas, you can't buy it. If you want something like this, you have to make it yourself. Hilliard published all the schematics and codes.