TikTok became the most popular app in the world

01 March 2020

The love of the general public is unreliable. Until recently, the messenger WhatsApp was the undisputed leader. It reigned supreme on mobile platforms. In early 2020, however, the situation changed.

Image from wsj.com

SensorTower added fuel to the fire. Its analysts published a report in January of this year. According to the study, WhatsApp has lost its first place in downloads.

If SensorTower is to be believed, the TikTok client topped the ranking. It is a social network of short videos. The Chinese counterpart Douyin helped to consolidate the result.

In January, TikTok and Douyin were installed 104 million times. On the face of it an increase of 27% and 46%, respectively (relative to December 2019). WhatsApp's achievements are more modest.

Image from papocriativo.com.br

Which countries have the most TikTok fans? SensorTower points to Brazil, India and the United States. Here, a similar format is in demand.

TikTok did not come to world fame from scratch. Last year, the program achieved second place (by defeating Facebook).