Sberbank Online identifies Telegram as a virus

03 July 2018
Users of the Sberbank Online app are complaining about an unusual problem. The thing is that the online banking service detects the Telegram messenger as a virus and insists on removing it.When launching the Sberbank Online application, the first thing it does is check the built-in antivirus. It declares Telegram a virus and demands its removal. Also, a message appears on the screen of the gadget "If you don't remove viruses, you may need to confirm operations with the bank's contact center". Pressing the cancel button does not bring any result, as the notification appears again. To get rid of it, you need to restart the online banking application. Interestingly, Sberbank Online also detects some other applications as malicious. For example, the built-in antivirus also detects the Yandex.Loncher shell. According to Grigory Bakunov, director of technology distribution at Yandex, Sberbank Online reacts in this way to any application that can be triggered by pop-up notifications. It is worth noting that the above problem is only observed in the Android version of Sberbank's online banking application. The bank's press service promised to release an update, in which this unfortunate bug will be fixed, "in the near future".