Over 30 million Raspberry Pi computers sold

29 December 2019

The Raspberry Pi appeared seven years ago, in 2012. It is a single board PC the size of a credit card. It was created to teach computer science, but it quickly became popular.

Image from rasppishop.de

Enthusiasts have used the Raspberry Pi for everything. Thousands of projects have been made based on it. From handheld set-top boxes to robots. What's interesting about the product is the price - $35. It hasn't changed since then.

Raspberry Pi developers broke the news. This December the gadget set a record. Since its release it has sold out 30 million copies. Now the number mentioned is even higher.

The secret of the invention is simple. Since 2012, the device has been repeatedly updated. The original characteristics were not impressive. Today, however, support for 4K, Wi-Fi 5 and 4GB of RAM is available. The price has remained the same.

Image from ebay.de

The latest version is called the 4B. It offers a processor with 4 Cortex-A72 cores. The chip operates at a clock speed of up to 1.5 GHz. Four USB ports and 40 GPIO pins complete the configuration.

The operating system is Linux. Recommended distributions are Raspbian, RISC OS, Open Source Media Center, OpenELEC and Pidora. Other OSs (including Windows 10 IoT) can also be installed.