Project Tempo, a cloud-based gaming service from Amazon

06 April 2020

Soon there will be nowhere to get rid of "clouds". Several companies are trying to attract gamers at once. NVIDIA has already launched GeForce NOW, Google is testing Stadia. Even Microsoft is preparing something similar: Project xCloud.

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This is the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there are many more such services. Each one wants to win the attention of users. There is a lot of money at stake: the market is new and could pay dividends.

Of course, the Internet giant Amazon will not stand aside. Insiders report that the corporation is developing Project Tempo. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in the platform.

There is no information about the release date. But we do know Amazon's ambitions. It wants to make Project Tempo the leader in its segment. To this end, a number of fundamental decisions have been made.

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The system will be loved by the public at the expense of AAA games. Project Tempo will launch with "blockbusters." We are talking about high-budget hits designed for a wide audience. Do not do without expensive advertising. Said should attract a lot of people.

It is alleged that Amazon has created two multiplayer projects. The first is called Crucible and is a sci-fi shooter. However, there are nuances. Some mechanics are borrowed from DOTA 2 and League of Legend.

Amazon spent about 6 years on Crucible. Expect some serious stuff with thoughtful gameplay. Unfortunately, no details are available. The official announcement is scheduled for May of this year.

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The second masterpiece, New World, will debut at the same time. It is worth hoping for an MMORPG in an unusual setting. Players will go to a fantasy America of the seventeenth century. The task is to colonize the virtual New World.

How good are New World and Crucible? We'll find out in a couple of months. As for Project Tempo, it has many advantages. For example, the technical base is Amazon Web Services. This network of data centers has existed for a long time (and is perfectly debugged).

Another trick is full integration with Amazon Twitch. It is incredibly popular among gamers. It hosts an unimaginable number of broadcasts (including world-class cyber tournaments).

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Project Tempo stands a good chance of making a killing. Will Amazon seize the moment? Time will tell. Stay tuned.