A simple text message can disrupt the PlayStation 4

16 October 2018
Unpleasant news for PlayStation 4 owners. The game console has been exposed to an unpleasant vulnerability that disables the console after receiving a message with a certain sequence of characters.The discovery of the vulnerability was reported by users of the social news resource Reddit. According to the published data, after opening a message with a certain text, the game console freezes and even rebooting doesn't help to bring it back to normal. While representatives of Sony have not published an official statement and have not released a fix. At the same time, many PlayStation 4 users are reporting that malicious messages began to be sent to rival players in many multiplayer games to ensure easy victory. While there is no official way to protect yourself from this vulnerability. Nevertheless, users have found a temporary solution. In the console settings, it is possible to prohibit receiving messages from unknown contacts. And for those who have already received a malicious message, it is recommended to run the application PS Messages on your mobile device and delete the unwanted message from there. After that, you need to launch the console in safe mode and index its database. Unfortunately, in some cases, you can't do without a factory reset.