RAI Solo - stainless in-ear headphones

20 March 2020

Are you familiar with the Meze Audio brand? If not, there is a reason for that. The company has presented new headphones in Russia. We are talking about the wired model RAI Solo. She surprises by the unusual case.

Image from mezeaudio.com

The RAI Solo has stainless steel cups. What's more - they are hand-finished. This ensures that there is no vibration or resonance. You can hope for a clean sound.

A similar goal is pursued by the dynamic driver. It is made by UTM technology (without connecting a wire to the diaphragm). The diaphragm does not distort, it moves as one unit.

Such a design improves the perception of bass and midrange frequencies. Forget about distortion. RAI Solo is a gift for music lovers. No less attention should be paid to the accessories.

The headset is perfectly kitted out. There is a branded case made of hard EVA material. It is decorated with metallic Meze Audio logo. Separately worth noting braided 1.3 meter cable. The latter is equipped with a quality 3.5 mm plug.

All good things must be paid for. The Russian price of the RAI Solo is 18,990 rubles.