Realme presented an analogue of AirPods for 3,500 rubles

18 December 2019

What are the most famous wireless headphones? If you say AirPods, you can't go wrong. Apple has managed to make the accessory incredibly popular. However, competitors are not slacking.

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China's Realme has decided to challenge AirPods. The company has announced the Buds Air headset. Externally, it resembles the Apple gadget. The characteristics of the product are interesting.

Buds Air connect to the sound source via Bluetooth 5.0. The 12-millimeter radiators are of the immersion type. In addition, Realme did not skimp on two microphones and noise cancellation.

What else makes you happy about the new product? When the user removes Buds Air, the song is paused. Automatically - with the help of an infrared sensor. It is controlled by the touch keys on the case.

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Also a touch triggers Google Assistant. Support for the corresponding assistant is available. Special mention should be made of the battery. On its own Buds Air lasts for 3 hours.

There is a branded case for quick recharging. Declared compatibility with Qi technology. Among other things, there is a USB Type-C port. The choice of three colors: white, black and yellow.

The price for Buds Air is $55 USD. That's about 3,500 rubles - cheaper than the AirPods.