The head of OnePlus talked about the development of modern headphones

11 March 2019

Pete Lau, the head of OnePlus, told the Web that the company is abandoning the 3.5-mm jacks. This means that the Chinese company is in the process of developing wireless headphones for its smartphones.

Пит Лау, руководитель OnePlus рассказал о разработке беспроводных наушников

As the head of the company told the Internet, this could be the impetus for the development of more modern headphones that work without the use of wires. It's a much more convenient solution. By doing away with wired headphones, for example, it is possible to increase battery capacity. This, accordingly, will extend the work of smartphones without additional charging.

Pete Lau also said that such a decision was inevitable. All well-known brands already use wireless headphones. Apple developed its AirPods, after the similar appeared in Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. Soon, wireless headphones will appear at OnePlus. They will be called Bullets Wireless.

However, there are both supporters and opponents of wireless headphones. The latter believe that such accessories are a source of additional profits for companies.