Samsung patented self-repairing oleophobic coating for smartphones

16 August 2018
South Korean giant Samsung is pleased with another patent. This time, the company has created a special oleophobic coating that can protect device screens not only from stains and prints, but also to prevent minor damage.It is reported that the new material is able to restore the original shape after damage. It consists of a fluorinated (meth)acrylic compound, polytaxane and polyhedral silsesquioxane. Of course, this coating will not get rid of cracks, but it will reduce the chance of scratches and scuffs. In addition, the new coating can be used on devices with bendable screens, on which, according to rumors, Samsung is working. Curiously, the self-healing coating is planned to be installed not only on the screens, but also on the backs of smartphones. Most likely, the first smartphone with the new self-healing oleophobic coating will be the bendable Samsung Galaxy X smartphone, which is scheduled for release in early 2019.