Yandex.Drive carsharing service will get a fixed rate

07 February 2018
As many of you may remember, another Yandex service will be launched in mid-February. We are talking about Yandex.Drive, which, on top of everything else, will be the first in Russia to have fixed prices for a trip.It is reported that in order to find out the cost of a trip before it begins, it will be necessary to specify the destination. After that, the service will calculate the approximate travel time, analyze the current demand for cars and based on these data will calculate the cost of rental car. In this case, the minimum cost of the trip at this rate will be 5 rubles per minute. Those who do not like this option can choose the traditional, per minute rate. It is worth adding that the rate with a fixed payment will not be available to all at once. First, Yandex plans to launch it in test mode for a limited number of users. Recall that despite the fact that the service Yandex.Drive will be launched only in the second half of February, you can register for it in advance. In this case, users will be able to receive 20% cashback from their trips in Yandex.Taxi to their carshare account, and already in the spring - to spend this money on car rentals.